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When your business is new, you probably have no use for a bookkeeper, even if you can find the best small business bookkeeping in Hartford CT. If you’re like many small business owners, you save money by doing as many tasks as possible. Of course, if you’re tech-savvy, you find apps or programs that promise to make your bookkeeping tasks easier.

An “easier” bookkeeping experience means a lot when your business is new and your financial records are simple. You need more than ease-of-use when your business grows and your bookkeeping complexity becomes too difficult to DIY. You should consider getting professional assistance when your simple bookkeeping to-do list expands to include tracking cash, syncing bank records, running payroll, managing taxes, and handling a long list of complex bookkeeping tasks?

You Must Know When to Seek Help

In discussing bookkeeping, the SCORE Small Business Guide, “Finance Fundamentals” recommends that small business owners “…know when to delegate responsibilities and when to look for help…” It’s up to you to recognize when it’s time to delegate your bookkeeping to an outside professional. When you’re ready, here are a few tips to help you find the right company.

Look for a Professional

When you hire someone to manage your books, they should know a lot more about bookkeeping than you do. It’s so easy to start an online bookkeeping business. Just about anyone can do it but perhaps they shouldn’t.

Skilled bookkeepers don’t become knowledgeable overnight. They don’t self-educate into effectiveness by reading a bookkeeping app instruction manual. Before you hire an online bookkeeping company, make sure they meet your expectations for education, background and bookkeeping experience.

Search for a Local Bookkeeping Business

As more and more companies establish online-only services, you lose the ability to interact with professionals in person. The online-only bookkeeping option isn’t right for everyone. It might not be right for you. When someone controls your company’s financial health, it makes sense to want a local connection.

The company offering quality small business bookkeeping in Hartford, CT will still use technology to manage your books. Like remote companies, they will keep your data safe by storing it in a secure cloud environment, but there’s one big difference. When a company is local, they work online but they also work out of an office building at a recognizable address. They’re available for phone contact or personal connections when it’s important to you.

Look at Their Track-Record

Some bookkeeping websites talk about the services they offer but they don’t discuss their background or experience. While you can only speculate as to why they fail to add that information, it could be because they’re business is too new.

If you check a bookkeeping company’s online reviews and find they have neither positive nor negative feedback, that pretty much answers the experience question.

Find Out if They Will be Available When You Need Them

When you turn your business financials over to a bookkeeper, you need to know that they are accessible. Communication is one of the major benefits of a local bookkeeping business. You can reach them by email or phone. If you need to interact personally, a local bookkeeper is only a short drive away.

Make Sure the Pricing is Affordable

Professionalism, qualifications, location, and experience… none of these things matter if you can’t afford a bookkeeper’s services. 

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