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Bookkeeping Services

As a small business owner, you can’t measure your financial success if your bookkeeping services are lacking in quality. Your accounting system must be timely and accurate to analyze your profitability. It must track every financial transaction and transform the data into easily accessible reports. Our Glastonbury bookkeeping services provide an accurate reflection of your small business’s financial health.

The goals are clear. But even with the latest technology, your financial record keeping efforts can be tedious and time-consuming. They can be particularly overwhelming when you’re also responsible for servicing your customers, establishing your brand, and building your business. At Goode Bookkeeping, we understand the small business time management dilemma, so we’ve designed our bookkeeping services to provide the assistance you need.

We Track Your Financial Data

We provide timely, accurate, bookkeeping services that document your financial data and key transactions. We track your cash flow by monitoring incoming cash from sales and services and outgoing cash for vendor and business expenses. We manage your bookkeeping services and keep track of your finances while you use your valuable time to grow your business.

Our Glastonbury bookkeeping services team uses the latest technology. We generate the analytical data you need to measure your financial progress. We keep you informed with simple, focused reports that tell you what you need to know about your finances.

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow
  • Accounts receivable and Accounts payable aging

Your Business is Unique

Glastonbury Bookkeeping ServicesAt Goode Bookkeeping, we provide consulting and bookkeeping services for Web Developers, Hair Salons, Veterinarians, Real Estate Agencies, Landscapers, Contractors, Electricians and many other types of small businesses. Our work with a diverse business clientele has taught us that each small business operates differently and each business owner measures financial success in their own way.

We understand that you are the unique personality behind your business. So we believe it’s important to get to know you and your operation. We understand that your income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow charts are more than just numbers. They’re the tools you need to measure your success, so it’s important to get them right.

We Are Flexible

The Goode Bookkeeping team tailors your bookkeeping program to reflect your business needs and goals. We combine our CPA expertise with modern accounting technology to provide bookkeeping services and more.

Our team has the professional skills and the flexibility to service every back-office position within your small business. We give your business the personal attention you’d provide, if only you had the time.

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