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Goode Bookkeeping is a premier Chelsea, NY bookkeeping service company committed to offering exceptional financial management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Goode Bookkeeping, with years of expertise and a team of skilled experts, provides a wide variety of bookkeeping services ranging from virtual bookkeeping to invoicing and payroll.

We are the go-to choice for businesses trying to streamline their financial operations and optimize their revenue because of our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and honesty. Goode Bookkeeping provides the knowledge and tools to help you handle your finances with simplicity and confidence, whether you’re an established company or just getting started. With Goode Bookkeeping’s personalized solutions, you can be certain that your Chelsea business is in excellent hands.


Shannon Goode has managed multi-million dollar revenues for a range of companies from Fortune 500 enterprises to smaller investment management firms. As a small business owner, he and his team are committed to delivering that same excellence when administering tasks for your small business.

Bookkeeping Services in

Goode Bookkeeping is dedicated to providing comprehensive bookkeeping services tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses in Chelsea, NY. Our team of highly skilled professionals excels in delivering accurate and dependable financial record-keeping solutions. Whether it’s managing accounts payable and receivable, reconciling bank statements, or preparing financial reports, Goode Bookkeeping ensures that businesses have an up-to-date and transparent overview of their financial well-being.

With an unwavering commitment to attention to detail and strict confidentiality, we have earned the trust of businesses in Chelsea, NY. By organizing financial data and providing expert assistance with tax preparation, Goode Bookkeeping empowers businesses to streamline their financial operations and make informed decisions that propel growth and success.

QuickBooks Services in

Goode Bookkeeping is committed to providing top-notch QuickBooks services to businesses located in Chelsea, NY. With our expertise as certified QuickBooks professionals, we excel in optimizing financial management processes using this industry-leading accounting software. Whether it’s configuring QuickBooks for new businesses or tailoring it to specific requirements, Goode Bookkeeping ensures that clients can fully leverage QuickBooks’ capabilities for improved efficiency and precision in their financial operations.

Our comprehensive range of services includes data entry, bank reconciliations, financial reporting, and expense tracking. By tapping into Goode Bookkeeping’s QuickBooks proficiency, businesses in Chelsea, NY can confidently navigate their financial landscape, make informed decisions, and establish a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Virtual Bookkeeping in
Chelsea NY

Goode Bookkeeping is dedicated to providing virtual bookkeeping services that cater to the specific needs of businesses in Chelsea, NY. We understand the evolving demands of the modern business landscape and offer seamless and convenient solutions for maintaining accurate financial records remotely. By utilizing advanced technology and secure online platforms, we ensure that businesses can effectively manage key bookkeeping tasks such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing, bank reconciliations, and financial reporting.

Our team of skilled professionals, well-versed in virtual communication tools, enables businesses to access our expertise without the constraints of physical proximity. Goode Bookkeeping’s commitment to confidentiality and precision empowers businesses in Chelsea, NY to thrive in the digital age by efficiently managing their financial operations and making well-informed decisions.

Invoicing Services in
Chelsea NY

Goode Bookkeeping is dedicated to providing comprehensive invoicing services tailored to businesses in Chelsea, NY. We understand the significance of streamlined billing processes and offer efficient solutions to effectively manage invoicing tasks. Our services encompass various aspects, from creating and dispatching invoices to tracking payments and handling accounts receivable. Goode Bookkeeping ensures precision and professionalism in every invoice, utilizing advanced invoicing software and systems to customize templates, automate recurring invoices, and send timely payment reminders.

By leveraging our expertise, businesses in Chelsea, NY can optimize cash flow, enhance customer satisfaction, and concentrate on core operations while entrusting the invoicing process to Goode Bookkeeping’s capable hands. With a commitment to delivering reliable outcomes, our invoicing services are a valuable asset for businesses in Chelsea, NY.

Bill Pay Services

Goode Bookkeeping recognizes the significance of streamlined bill payment processes for businesses in Chelsea, NY, and offers comprehensive services to simplify and enhance this essential task. With our expertise, businesses can confidently rely on Goode Bookkeeping to manage all aspects of bill payment with accuracy and punctuality.

From organizing and reviewing incoming invoices to scheduling payments and reconciling accounts, our team ensures meticulous attention to detail and adherence to payment deadlines. By leveraging secure online platforms and electronic payment methods, we facilitate seamless and error-free bill payments, optimizing cash flow management. Goode Bookkeeping’s bill pay services provide businesses in Chelsea, NY with the assurance that their financial obligations are efficiently handled, enabling them to concentrate on other critical aspects of their operations.

Payroll Services

Goode Bookkeeping understands the significance of efficient and accurate payroll management for businesses in Chelsea, NY, and offers comprehensive payroll services tailored to meet their specific needs. With a strong commitment to precision and compliance, we provide effective solutions to handle every aspect of payroll processing. From calculating employee wages and processing payroll taxes to generating pay stubs and managing employee benefits and deductions, Goode Bookkeeping ensures meticulousness in every step. Our team remains updated on the latest payroll regulations, ensuring businesses in Chelsea, NY can trust Goode Bookkeeping to handle their payroll tasks with accuracy and adherence to legal requirements.

By leveraging advanced payroll software and systems, we streamline the entire process, minimizing errors and saving valuable time for businesses. Goode Bookkeeping’s payroll services enable businesses in Chelsea, NY to focus on their core operations while ensuring seamless and reliable payroll operations for their employees.


Let’s chat. Because when you’re busy juggling all the tasks it takes to keep your small business going strong, you might not notice when you need help. Each obligation you assume comes with a long list of responsibilities. When you get used to doing it your way, it can be hard to delegate these tasks to someone else. But when you do, you have more time and space to grow your business and boost your success.

Goode Bookkeeping & Consulting is a small business, so we understand the tedium of managing all the little details on your own. We understand that small business owners need help, so our Manhattan bookkeeping consultants provide easy efficient delegation alternatives.

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