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If you own a small to medium-sized business in Rocky Hill, CT, COVID-19 has made your life unimaginably complicated. Business closings have been frustrating. Your reopening will be equally challenging. You must follow enhanced guidelines and procedures. You must meet stringent new health and safety standards. As increasing operational tasks become an escalating burden, outsourcing is more important than ever.

If you need a bookkeeper in Rocky Hill CT, you can save time, energy, and expenses by working with a virtual professional. COVID-19 business closings focused a spotlight on both new and old contact-free service providers. As you sheltered in place, you couldn’t help but notice how attorneys, car dealers, and other professionals scrambled to make the shift from in-person to online services. As virtual bookkeepers, we didn’t have to create a new business model. We’ve been providing professional online services for years.

The Benefits of a Virtual Bookkeeper in Rocky Hill CT

A virtual bookkeeper in Rocky Hill CT performs the same tasks as a full-time bookkeeper except they work off-site. They’re professionals who use technology to document, organize, and sync your financial records. They follow guidelines relevant to your business and help you maintain compliance with payroll, IRS, ERISA, and other guidelines. Virtual bookkeepers provide quality services for an economical price and you gain a number of advantages. 

  • More time to run your business
  • No after-hour DIY bookkeeping
  • No bookkeeper’s salary and benefits
  • Pay only for the services you need
  • No in-office costs
  • Access to your financial data 24/7
  • Quick access to financial reports

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bookkeeper in Rocky Hill CT

Your Virtual Bookkeeper in Rocky Hill CT

At Goode Bookkeeping and Consulting, we’re bookkeeping professionals. We’re good at what we do, and we want to be your virtual bookkeeper in Rocky Hill CT. Our professionals provide remote bookkeeping services but we’re also local.

Because we’re only minutes away, we get to know you and your small business. We believe that it’s important to understand how your business operates so we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Our team devotes quality time and effort to your account.
  • We provide bookkeeping and back-office consultation services.
  • We operate from a secure cloud platform.
  • If a disaster strikes your business, remote storage provides secure data recovery.
  • If you need immediate assistance, we’re just a phone call or a short drive away.


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