Yes, you do need a local bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT

Apr 1, 2021 | Bookkeeping

If you believe every commercial you see on TV, you can run a wildly successful small business out of your garage. You can do all the work without help, and you can become an overnight success. All you have to do is download the right bookkeeping app on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, when you run a business in Glastonbury, CT (or anywhere else), it’s not that simple. While your small business can succeed, you’ll have to put a lot of work into it. You’ll spend days and nights keeping your business up and running, and…

  • Yes! You should probably hire a local bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT to keep your cash flow on track.
  • No! You shouldn’t try to do it yourself. Not even if you have a cool, expensive smartphone.

Lots of Small Business Owners Do it All

Of course, you can do everything yourself. That usually requires mind-numbing dedication and sacrifice. You can wear multiple hats and take on multiple jobs if you want to, but perhaps you shouldn’t.

As a professional bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT, we’re particularly concerned about your financial documentation. Experience teaches us that it makes a difference whether you rely on a handy phone app or an experienced bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT. We recommend the professional option.

Why You Need a Bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT

We have tons of respect for business owners who work long hours to improve their chances of success. We still believe that it’s important to recognize that DIY bookkeeping doesn’t always work out the way you think it will.

  • Bookkeeping isn’t intuitive, not even with a smartphone app. You have to learn your app, set up your accounts, sync your records, and complete multiple bookkeeping tasks. Before you do these things, you should know a little something about bookkeeping.
  • Bookkeeping requires daily detail-oriented work, even with a savvy app. Your bookkeeping won’t accurately reflect your profits, losses, and cash flow if you fall behind. These and other financial elements are critical when you apply for a business loan or file your taxes.
  • Your DIY bookkeeping records won’t convey the sense of accuracy and professionalism you need for building a business reputation (or defending a tax audit.)

We Adapt Our Services to Meet Your Needs

As a bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT, we work with technologically advanced software that exceeds consumer app specifications. We upload, organize, sync, and track your financial data and personalize a bookkeeping system that meets your company’s needs.

  • First, we digitize your financial documents so you can go paperless (if you choose.)
  • We set up your chart of accounts and sync your financial data.
  • Also, we store and manage your data using a secure cloud platform.
  • We perform daily financial tasks that minimize your DIY burden.
  • We’re available by phone should you have a question about our bookkeeping.
  • Also, we provide our bookkeeping services for an economical price.

Your Virtual Bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT

At Goode Bookkeeping & Consulting, we are virtual bookkeeping professionals. We work remotely, but unlike other businesses, that’s not a recent strategy. Virtual service has always been our business model.

We recognized long ago, that it was the most efficient way to operate as a local bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT. Our virtual bookkeeper in Glastonbury CT provides accurate, detail-oriented service without getting in your way or monopolizing your time.

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