When your bookkeeping is in the cloud, does it matter where it’s handled?

Jan 1, 2020 | Bookkeeping

If you’re a business owner, you can get just about anything you need without leaving the building. Outsourcing makes it less expensive to hire the experts you need. The cloud made it easier to work with your experts, even if they’re a thousand miles away.

Bookkeeping in the Cloud

You can even do that with bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping in the cloud is an amazing process. You simply digitize your financial documents and zip them off to a guy in California… or perhaps the Philippines.

There’s probably a guy there who’s just waiting for you to send your financial document. He’ll set up your chart of accounts, link your accounts with your bank, pay your suppliers, and keep your cash flowing smoothly… all for a really cheap price. It’s just like working with “a bookkeeper near me” … except it isn’t.

Do you really want your financial experts to be a thousand miles away?

Correction: When you work with a bookkeeper in the Philippines, there are actually 8,400 miles between you and the guy keeping your financial records. The cost of living there is probably cheaper, so you’ll pay a lower bookkeeping fee. But is that really what you want?

Bookkeeping in the cloud is a far more acceptable way to do things than it was even a few years ago. It makes life easier than working with tedious online DIY spreadsheets and lined-paper accounting ledgers.

Working with a guy who is multiple time zones away can probably work out too. That’s assuming you don’t mind letting a guy have access to all your financial details, knowing you’ll never be able to look him in the eye or shake his hand.

We’re in the cloud and we’re local

At Goode Bookkeeping, we’re proud of the work we do for our local clients while bookkeeping in the cloud at the same time. We perform professional bookkeeping and consulting services for small to medium business owners. We’re good at what we do and our services are cloud-based. We maintain your accounting records in a high-security cloud environment. Those you authorize can monitor your accounts or request a financial report anywhere at any time from any digital device.

We’re in the cloud and we love how it’s allowed us to provide services that rescue our clients from monotonous, time-consuming bookkeeping tasks. Of course, we have a few major differences from outsourced bookkeepers on the other side of the country or the other side of the globe.

  • We’re professional bookkeepers.
  • Our founder is a CPA with over 20 years of financial experience.
  • We’re in the cloud but we also have a brick and mortar presence.
  • We’re right here in Glastonbury, in the same time zone as our clients.
  • You can meet with us when you need to.
  • We’re available by phone.
  • You don’t have to dial a different country code or wait for time zone compatibility to give us a call.
  • We’ll still be here tomorrow.

We believe that being local matters. We like being so close to you and your business that you can stop by, look us in the eye and shake our hands. You can wave at us as you drive down our street and if we’re looking out the window, we promise to wave back.

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