5 Reasons Why You’re Not a Bookkeeping Pro

Oct 1, 2023 | Bookkeeping

As you sit alone at night, running the day’s numbers and contemplating the road to success, have you ever decided that you’d rather be a bookkeeping professional? Of course not! Even if you go off track every once in a while, you’re building your dream each day. When you think about bookkeeping professionals, you see Bob Cratchit scribbling numbers in a ledger with a quill pen. That’s us… sort-of. But it’s definitely not you.

You spend a good deal of time each day doing (or at least trying to do) the same tasks bookkeeping professionals do. But you fully intend to delegate those tasks and reclaim those hours some day. That’s one good reason why you’re not a bookkeeping pro. Here are 5 more.

1. You don’t love bookkeeping.

You built your business because it was the sure way to control your own destiny. You’re a Web Developer, or a Hairdresser, or a Bar Owner at heart. You loved doing that one particular thing so much you decided to share it with the world.

Our owner, Shannon Goode, will tell you a different story. He’s such a dedicated bookkeeping pro, if you cut him he’d bleed ledger blue. Shannon is a highly-trained Certified Public Accountant and has been for over 20 years. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies managing millions of dollars. He now runs a company of bookkeeping professionals. He’s good at what he does because he spent a lot of time and energy learning how to be the best.

2. You didn’t learn how to do bookkeeping until you absolutely had to.

You probably didn’t study bookkeeping in college because you never intended to be a bookkeeper. You do your own bookkeeping now only because it saves you the cost of hiring bookkeeping professionals.

3. You’d really rather be working your business.

As a small business owner, you devote most of your time to your business because you enjoy doing your own thing. If you didn’t have to spend so much time and energy doing what bookkeeping professionals do, you’d put that time into your business as well.

You’d market your products and upgrade your branding scheme. You’d hang out with your customers and you’d do everything you could to grow your business… except bookkeeping.

4. If you’d had more business capital you wouldn’t have tried to do your own bookkeeping in the first place.

That’s true of a lot of the things people do when they’re trying to build a business. But sometimes, making a move that’s good for you and your business (like hiring bookkeeping professionals) isn’t as expensive as you think.

5. You’d give it up if you could.

If a team of bookkeeping professionals made you an offer you couldn’t refuse, you’d give it up in a heartbeat. You’d turn over your books, walk away and never look back… at least not until tax time.

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