Is Managing Bookkeeping Services Your Part-Time Job?

Sep 1, 2023 | Bookkeeping

Dear Business Owner,

Is bookkeeping your part-time job? You never mention it to anyone, but as small business owners ourselves in Glastonbury, Connecticut, we know that running your business means working more than one job. We realize that bookkeeping services person is probably one of the three or four part-time jobs you tackle each day.

Your family realizes that you put in those long hours, but I know you don’t admit it to most people you meet. We bet you tell strangers how you’re proud to own your own business. You tell them about your great products, your location, your website. But you never admit the long hard hours you work to make it all come together.

We know your struggle.

As fellow business owners, we’re well aware that sometimes you work late into the night. We know you spend those quiet late evening hours finishing up your company bookkeeping services. We know you’d rather be enjoying a nice dinner and maybe a movie. But it’s easier to do bookkeeping services after everyone else goes home. Besides, you must fit everything into the workday somehow.

We’re concerned about that.

As Glastonbury, CT accounting professionals, we’re particularly concerned about your late-night bookkeeping services avocation. We do bookkeeping services for a living so we know you must track every dollar until everything balances out just right. We understand that getting the numbers to come together as they should is a tedious job, even if with the latest accounting software.

Speaking of accounting software…

We know that you hoped accounting software would make your part-time bookkeeping services jobs easier. We wish we could have talked to you before you made your software purchase decision, we could have explained the learning curve.

We would have told you how it takes a while to figure out how to set up your accounts and tailor your software to your business. And how you must update everything regularly to keep it accurate. That’s why a lot of small businesses delegate their bookkeeping services to professionals like us. We have lots of bookkeeping experience because we do it full-time.

We’re here when you bookkeeping services in Glastonbury, CT.

We understand your business is unique and no one knows it the way you do. But you could probably use a little help. When you’re ready to give up your part-time bookkeeping job, we’ll be here waiting. We are right in Glastonbury, CT

Yours truly,
Goode Bookkeeping and Consulting

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