What you really need is a bookkeeper who listens when you speak

Jun 1, 2019 | Bookkeeping

Letting Go

When you give up a critical small business task, it can feel like personal torture. Even if the task requires professional skills that you don’t have–bookkeeping, for example–it’s hard to let go. Once you realize you have a bookkeeper who listens when you speak, it’s easier to give up bigger and bigger chunks of responsibility.

Your confidence quotient rises when your bookkeeper fits your business and does a better job than you. This happens when you hire a bookkeeper who listens and follows through when you make simple requests.

Tell me when something is happening that I need to know

Bookkeepers track your accounts payables and receivables. They sync your bank statements and more. If a critical problem arises, a bookkeeper who listens isn’t content just monitoring the cash as it flows in and out of your account.

In case you have a pending financial issue, your bookkeeper should be your early warning system. She should know your business numbers enough to recognize an adverse trend and let you know in time to do something.

Ask me to clarify the things you don’t understand

If your bookkeeper doesn’t understand the way you do things, he shouldn’t act like a know-it-all professional. He should be humble enough to ask for an explanation.

For instance, if you work with independent contractors and employees, the difference must be tracked for tax and other purposes. If your bookkeeper doesn’t understand how you code employees vs contractors, he should ask for clarification or talk to you about implementing a system you’ll both understand.

I need my business reports on time

You need timely financial statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements so you’ll know how your business is doing. When you set a timetable for these and other critical reports you expect your bookkeeper to do whatever he or she needs to do to deliver the reports as requested.

I need you to perform independently within your authority

The whole idea of hiring a professional is to give your company a professional advantage. You get access to experience, superior bookkeeping, and financial know-how. That doesn’t matter if your designated professional keeps his expertise to himself.

You require your bookkeeper to respond to your direct commands. Also, you want them to give you the benefit of their superior knowledge by acting independently. You want them to perform professionally without being asked.

We Listen

Of course, we’re pretty sure you already get the key point of this post, but we’ll explain it anyway. At Goode Bookkeeping & Consulting we do all of the above.

We act within our authority yet independently, track your money and your cash trends. We’ll prepare your reports when you need them. We ask when we don’t know the answer. And we’ll explain things when you require more information. If you want us to respond only to your specific demands, we can do that too. In short, we listen to you when you speak, and we give you what you want.

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