5 Benefits of Working With a Remote Bookkeeper

Jun 1, 2020 | Bookkeeping

As a small business owner, you plan for every detail. You budget for major operational costs. You cut expenses by taking on many tasks yourself. Unfortunately, you need a crystal ball to predict the time and effort it takes to perform back-office tasks such as bookkeeping.

You can manage your financial data yourself, but it can be time-consuming, frustrating, and costly. That’s why a growing number of small business owners outsource essential financial tasks to a remote bookkeeper.

A Remote Bookkeeper Helps You Achieve 5 Important Benefits.

1. You Get Better Results

When you hire a person who is educated and trained to provide essential professional service, you get better results. You call an attorney when you have a legal issue. If you need your company vehicle repaired, you call a mechanic. Of course, you can learn to manage and track your own financial data but a remote bookkeeper is an experienced professional who can do the job better than you.

2. You Save Money

You have several options for taking care of your bookkeeping needs. Before you decide what’s right for you, you must consider the costs.

  • Hire a Staff Bookkeeper: You pay a salary, benefits, and the cost to furnish an office space.
  • Meet Face-to-Face With a Professional: You pay hourly rates, transportation costs, and the costs of appointment downtime. (PS. A face-to-face bookkeeper has to charge you enough to cover his office expenses.)
  • Delegate to an Employee: Increased workloads make employees unhappy. Lack of experience leads to costly mistakes.
  • Do it Yourself (Your Time X Your Hours Spent = $$$$): The cost of DIY bookkeeping is a simple equation. Consider the true value of your time? Calculate the hours it will take to learn bookkeeping principles, skills, terminology, and tasks? Add to that the time you’ll spend each day updating your records, generating financial reports, preparing tax documents, syncing, and tracking your data… etc.?

3. You Save Time

There’s never enough time when building a successful business is your primary goal. When you’re performing bookkeeping and other back-office tasks, it eats up what little time you have. While bookkeeping is important, when it’s not your thing, it reduces the amount of time you have to help your business grow. Working with a remote bookkeeper allows you to reclaim valuable hours.

4. Working With a Remote Bookkeeper is More Convenient

DIY bookkeeping is never convenient when you have other things to do. It’s easier (but still time-consuming) when you have a bookkeeping background. It’s a serious inconvenience if you’re a plumber, a hairstylist, or an auto mechanic who’s doing bookkeeping in the office late at night when you’d rather go home.

A remote bookkeeper understands bookkeeping principles and guidelines. They perform bookkeeping tasks every day so they work quickly and efficiently. They’re well-trained and responsive, and they handle your bookkeeping from their own offices without monopolizing your time and space. It’s a convenient option.

5. A Remote Bookkeeper Assists With Post-Disaster Data Recovery

Efficient disaster recovery is a major benefit of working with a remote bookkeeper. They store your financial data on a secure cloud server. If a fire damages your computer or a flood destroys everything in your office, recovering your data is a simple, easy process.

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