Are You Too Tired to Run Your Payroll?

Feb 15, 2024 | Payroll

If you’re like many small business owners, you perform a lot of tasks to keep your business going. You run payroll, track inventory, and make marketing calls. You work long hours to get it all done but that’s just part of the small business owner dynamic.

Of course, financial tasks like payroll require more attention to detail than others. When you’re tired, you might enter the wrong name, social security number, or pay rate. If you overpay your employees they’ll be pleased but it could mean financial disaster for you.

Small business owners work hard

Whether you run a manufacturing operation, a restaurant or a gift shop, you probably work until your productivity slumps. When you do go home, you likely work until you decide to turn off the lights. infographic illustrates this work-til-you-drop mentality. 49% of small business owners work while driving, 21% work during dinner and 18% read emails in the bathroom. That’s probably too much information but it helps us make these two points: 1) If you do these things, you’re probably too tired to run your payroll. 2) We can help.

And by the way, are you getting enough sleep

If you get everything done by staying up late and rising early, you’re probably too tired to perform data-heavy tasks. If you’re like any of the poor sleepers described in the Psychology Today article “Why You Can’t Think Straight When You’re Sleep Deprived,” being tired isn’t your only problem. When you lack sleep, it limits your focus, reaction time, decision-making ability, judgment, and other important brain functioning.  

It’s okay to delegate 

Of course, you’re a small business dynamo. You want to do it all, but that doesn’t mean you should. Take payroll for instance. It’s a data-heavy task that requires the accuracy and attention to detail you just don’t have when you’re tired. It’s okay to delegate at least that one responsibility.

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