What are back office services?

Aug 1, 2021 | Bookkeeping

Your business requires a lot of effort to keep everything running smoothly. But, you couldn’t do it without your back-office staff. Those are the employees Merriam-Webster defines as taking care of the “…inner workings…” of a business. As Investopedia explains, the term back-office originated when workplace duties were divided among those who interacted with customers (front-office) and those who didn’t (back-office.)

As a small business owner, you don’t always have the resources to separate tasks into neat little categories. But, of course, you still have front-office and back-office functions. So, sometimes, you have to do them yourself. 

Our back-office services

We talk a lot about bookkeeping. But we wanted you to know how your company could benefit by using our other virtual back-office services. 

Payroll Services

On payday, your employees don’t want to hear about administrative delays. But, of course, keeping track of their pay can be tedious and mind-numbing. It’s more than just how many hours they work and their hourly rates. You must also document and deduct other costs.

  • City, state, FICA, and federal income taxes
  • Over-time, vacation pay, sick pay
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Family leave (paid/unpaid)

We work with payroll industry leaders to find the right payroll system for your business. Our payroll services help you save time and effort with automated features such as employee POS time input and financial data syncing, 

Bill Pay

Our bill pay service sets up your financial system to meet your accounts payable obligations paperlessly. First, we input data from your scanned or uploaded documents. Then, we set up your system to pay bills using Automated Clearing House (ACH ) transfers or the payment method of your choice. In addition, we can set up your bill payment system to send payments automatically or schedule payments for your review and approval. 

By managing your payments electronically, you save time. Your company also saves money on stamps, envelopes, paper checks, and paper invoices. 

Merchant Services 

We understand that some businesses are still handling transactions on a cash-only basis. We won’t cite the statistics about cash flow and the benefits of offering credit and debit card capability. Instead, we will mention what you probably already know. Shoppers use plastic when buying big-ticket items and when shopping online. Plastic is just better for your financial bottom line. 

We consult with you to determine your business goals. We then establish your service with a compatible merchant services provider that best meets your business needs. 

Invoice‌ ‌Management‌ ‌

Invoice management is another way we help minimize your paperwork and streamline your cash flow. First, we set up your accounts receivables paperlessly. Then, your invoice management system sends invoices automatically. 

You don’t have to complete the time-consuming process of printing invoices, slipping them into envelopes, adding postage, and making a trip to the post office. Instead, our advanced technology helps simplify your billing process, bills electronically and keeps your financial data accurate. 

QuickBooks Management

If you work with a QuickBooks program or app, you already know that it’s not relatively easy as the marketing makes it seem. First of all, it takes time and effort to set up your accounts. Second, it takes daily attention to keep your books timely and accurate. 

You must get the latest updates and upgrade to newer versions when necessary. (If, like many QuickBooks users, you do all of these things using a smartphone with a small screen.) When we manage your QuickBooks account, we provide these services and more:

  • Account customization
  • Small business support
  • Convenient access to your account
  • Bookkeeping professionals

We Work Remotely

At Goode Bookkeeping and Consulting, we provide our back-office services virtually and remotely. These services allow you to benefit from our professionalism, skill, and experience for an economical price. 

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