Personal Bookkeeping Services Vs. Bookkeeping Apps

Dec 1, 2021 | Bookkeeping

If you’re like many small business owners, you spend long days and nights doing a little bit of everything. You prefer professional bookkeeping, but you feel you have little choice. You perform critical tasks yourself because it cuts costs. So, naturally, you’ve added DIY bookkeeping to your daily grind. 

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re probably too busy to do bookkeeping tasks every single day. Which means you do it on a catch-up-when-you-can basis. You probably even installed a bookkeeping app on your phone. They keep your financial records easily accessible when you have a free moment to update your data. 

So, is that app working out for you? 

Bookkeeping is a real pain, especially when it’s not something you ever wanted to do in the first place. Of course, bookkeeping apps can make things a bit better, but they’re not quite as simple as the ads suggested. Once you download the app, you have a few things to do to stay on top of your financial data. 

  • Install and learn how to use the app
  • Personalize the app to your business
  • Set up your chart of accounts 
  • Digitize and upload your financial data 
  • Sync your records
  • Update your data regularly 
  • Update your app when necessary 
  • Learn how to generate critical financial reports 

If your app doesn’t do at least some of these things automatically (it probably doesn’t), you’re likely playing bookkeeping catch-up all the time. On the other hand, if you thought your app would perform all of these tasks without your daily involvement, you likely feel overwhelmed. 

Personal bookkeeping services give you a more professional experience 

Once you decide to delegate your bookkeeping, you upload your data and breathe a sigh of relief. Personal bookkeeping services take it from there, giving you a hybrid digital/hands-on experience.

  • Bookkeepers do all of the above ( personalization, chart of accounts, syncing, financial reports, etc.).
  • They are trained and have the experience to perform professional bookkeeping tasks (no guesswork.).
  • They understand critical financial concepts, and they know your bookkeeping needs.
  • Also, they see the value of advanced technology, so they work from a secure cloud platform. 
  • They perform daily updates that eliminate the ever-present need to catch up on your bookkeeping when you don’t have time. 
  • Personal bookkeepers give you back the time you would spend agonizing over your bookkeeping app because it requires more attention than you thought. 
  • When you work with a local bookkeeper, you can pick up the phone and call them when you have a question. (An app won’t answer the phone.)

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