What should I do with my paper bookkeeping documents?

Feb 15, 2021 | Bookkeeping

If you’ve made the giant leap from paper to digital, you probably still have paper bookkeeping documents everywhere. If you’re like many businesses trying to make a digital transition, you still have file cabinets full of bookkeeping papers and other stacks of paper on your desk. 

Of course, every time the mail arrives, you receive more paper bills and more paper promotional mailings. Even when you enjoy working digitally, you have to work at getting rid of the paper in your life. It takes two continuous efforts.

  • Pitching your paper bookkeeping documents
  • Stopping the flow of paper into your workspace

Pitching your paper bookkeeping documents

When you’ve always relied on paper documents, it’s usually hard to let go. Even after you’ve scanned all of your paper bookkeeping documents into an ultra-efficient digital bookkeeping system, moving on might be a gradual process. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the task less stressful. 

The IRS doesn’t want your paper

If you’re keeping all of your paper bookkeeping documents anticipating a future audit, you don’t have to. The IRS has embraced digital technology. They understand many businesses now use electronic accounting software. They accommodate digital interactions even during an audit. 

There are digital ways to do everything

Whatever paper system you’re attached to, you can let it go. You can digitize invoicing, bill-paying, accounts due and receivable, and just about any paper bookkeeping documents or systems you use. 

You can access digital documents wherever you are

When you go paperless, your paper bookkeeping documents don’t go away. They’re always waiting for you in a secure cloud environment. You or someone you designate can access your documents from a digital device. 

You’re not the only one going digital

You might have noticed that many of the people you deal with regularly are already working toward a paperless goal. It’s simpler to bill. You receive payments faster. Plus, it’s more efficient. Most of your contacts will be happy to comply. 

Going paperless is freeing

You’ll never get rid of all the paper in your life, but once you get rid of most of your paper clutter, you’ll enjoy your new sense of freedom. 

Stopping the flow of paper into your workspace

Once you’ve digitized your paper bookkeeping documents, you’ll need your suppliers, service providers, and customers to do the same. To stop the paper, you’ll have to stress that you don’t want it anymore. Here are a few things you need to do:

  • Set up a method to make and receive payments digitally.
  • Tell your suppliers that you prefer digital bills.
  • Make sure you have valid email addresses. 
  • Tell your customers you will be sending digital invoices. 
  • Ask your service providers for digital billing and payment options. 
  • Pay employees via automatic deposit with digital “pay stubs.”
  • Set up a secure system so your employees can access digital payroll documents. 
  • Use a secure email or billing account, so everyone you deal with will feel confident about your digital process.

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