Is There Anything Wrong With Delegating Your Bookkeeping?

Jul 15, 2021 | Bookkeeping

When your business grows, and you’re overburdened with tasks, you finally consider releasing some of your self-imposed DIY burdens. You can do it. But if you’re a hard-working, DIY, all-night-long kind of worker, you feel like the love interest in one of those broken heart songs. Letting go is so hard to do. 

Delegating your bookkeeping can give you a severe case of separation anxiety. It’s not that you love tracking all that financial data. It’s just like any other results-driven challenge. Sometimes you just get hooked on the action.

The story of delegating your bookkeeping and other tasks (it gets things done)

If you’ve ever worked for a big corporation, you realize that delegation is the corporate way of life. Big-wigs understand that the best way to build an organization is to hand off time-consuming tasks to someone further down on the chain of command. In fact, supervisors and mid-level managers expect the boss to delegate work to them. Delegated work helps everyone stay productive.

Of course, mid-level managers don’t do the work themselves. They hand it off to the next person down the line. And so on, and so on. The lowest-level guy knows that the boss and the boss’s boss will ultimately hold him accountable for getting the work done right. So, he does what’s necessary to make sure it receives the most professional handling possible. He delegates it to an outside professional.

And that’s the story of delegation. 

Bookkeeping is a prime candidate for delegation. 

Quality bookkeeping requires bookkeeping knowledge, skill, and experience. It also takes time; a commodity most business owners have in limited supply. There’s one additional fact you must consider. Unless you’re a trained bookkeeper, you don’t have the professional skills to get the work done right.

If you’ve been doing your own books for a while, you’ve probably developed your own make-do, DIY bookkeeping routine. You’ve likely carved out a dedicated chunk of bookkeeping time, but in your heart, you know you’d rather spend that time building your business. 

So get to delegating your bookkeeping!

As you consider the pros and cons of delegating your bookkeeping, keep these thoughts in mind.

1. Unless you studied to be a bookkeeper, you probably didn’t want to be stuck with a DIY bookkeeping job.

2. A professional bookkeeper can do it better than you and in less time. 

3. If you work with a virtual bookkeeper, it won’t cost nearly as much as you think. 

4. You’re the boss! You make the rules! You can delegate anything you choose. 

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