Experiencing back-office burnout? You may need a new bookkeeper!

Sep 15, 2021 | Bookkeeping

As an entrepreneur, you expect to have your share of back-office burnout, but maybe you shouldn’t. Burnout happens when you work sun-to-sun like many small to medium business owners. You handle your receivables and payables. You track your cash as it comes in and goes out. Also, you document your financial data and monitor your profits and losses. And those are just the bookkeeping tasks. Perhaps you’re burning out because you do a whole lot more. 

Lots of people see no downside to working long hours. While many consider overwork a sign of a robust work ethic, others know it as the short road to exhaustion and burnout. So we offer solutions to help you delegate many of the back-office tasks that monopolize your time. But, of course, we understand that change usually happens one step at a time. So right now, let’s figure out if you need a new bookkeeper. 

Why would you need a new bookkeeper?

If you’re okay with working long hours, you probably fit bookkeeping somewhere into your day (or night.) That’s not a big deal if you’re a professionally trained bookkeeper. Like other tasks, when you have relevant experience, an added responsibility won’t necessarily add more stress to your day. 

What happens if you’re a garage owner, a grocer, or you run a hair salon? When you’re doing the things that help you earn an income, bookkeeping becomes a hardcore burden. It takes precious time away from the tasks that keep your business moving forward. 

So yes, you probably need a new bookkeeper.

What about bookkeeping apps?

Bookkeeping apps are great if you already understand bookkeeping basics. All those ads make smartphone bookkeeping seem portable and oh-so-simple. But, in fact, it’s not that simple at all. You must understand how to set up your account chart, sync your bank records, how and when to input your financial data, and what kind of financial data you need to track. 

And that’s just the set-up. You must also document your financial data. It would be best if you did it daily, completely and accurately, or you might as well not do it at all. You must also understand what kind of financial reports you need, how to produce them, and when you need them. 

P.S. Your records must meet IRS standards. 

We offer a Virtual Bookkeeper alternative

At Goode Bookkeeping and Consulting, our virtual bookkeepers organize, track, and sync your financial data while you focus on running your business. We are professionals. We have the training and experience to properly maintain your financial records and present your information in professional reports. 

Also, we keep your data safe by storing it in our secure cloud platform. But, most important of all, we give you an economic delegation option to prevent future back-office burnout.

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