Does Your Bookkeeper Help With Daily Money Management?

Nov 15, 2021 | Bookkeeping

If you’re like many owners of small to medium-sized businesses, you handle a long list of business-related tasks. Unfortunately, you probably have far too many things on your to-do list to perform all of your daily money management tasks. As a busy entrepreneur, That’s just one of a zillion tasks you perform. 

You understand that it’s essential to make the most of your assets. You recognize the need to know where your business stands. In fact, you probably work with a great bookkeeper who takes every financial task seriously. 

  • Reconciling your bank accounts 
  • Tracking your receivables and payables 
  • Documenting your daily transactions 
  • Record every payment you make, and so much more

Your guy (or gal) probably does a great job with traditional bookkeeping tasks, but what about more complex money matters? If your bookkeeper offered to help you manage your money, would you feel confident in their ability to do the job right?* 

*Your bookkeeper probably can’t help you manage your money 

Bookkeepers are still critical to your financial success. They transform your daily business activities into data-rich financial reports: Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Reports, Accounts Receivable and Payable Reports. In addition, they help you answer some of your most important questions. 

  • Are you making enough sales? 
  • Do you bring in enough cash to cover your overhead? 
  • Do you have enough money on hand to purchase supplies?
  • Can you meet your payroll this week?
  • Do you have any required payments due?
  • Are you making a profit?

Most bookkeepers don’t have the expertise to manage your money. But, of course, you can do it yourself, except for one big issue. There aren’t enough hours in the day. With those zillion other tasks on your plan, you can’t do it all. You need access to professionals who can provide the help you need when you need it. 

Let us provide the professional daily money management help you need

At Goode Bookkeeping and Consulting, we talk a lot about bookkeeping. We’re good at that, but we offer so much more. For businesses who require more assistance, we also provide money management expertise and a host of professional services your bookkeeper can’t offer. 

  • Chief Financial Officer Services
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Business Plan & Strategic Plan Review
  • Loan Package Preparation
  • Vendor Management

Our experts consult with you. We work to provide the services you need but thought you couldn’t afford: financial planning services, business operations monitoring, financial data analysis, growth and operation strategies, loan preparation services, vendor contracting, and more.

Who we are

Our owner, Shannon Goode, has over 25 years of accounting outsourcing experience. He spent a substantial portion of his career as a Certified Public Accountant. In that role, he managed multi-million dollar accounts for Fortune 500 companies. 

As the hands-on owner of Goode Bookkeeping and Consulting, Shannon offers his big-business knowledge, experience, and expertise to small and medium-sized Connecticut businesses. 

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