Are Virtual Bookkeepers Expensive to Hire?

Jun 15, 2021 | Bookkeeping

If you own a small to medium business, you probably do your bookkeeping. But, like so many other business owners, you probably sit in your office late at night. You run the numbers until you can’t keep your eyes open. Then, as you drift off to sleep, you might wonder out loud, “Are virtual bookkeepers expensive?” 

When you don’t have unlimited financial resources, you do what you need to do. In many situations, it means performing professional tasks without professional assistance. It can mean DIY, sink-or-swim bookkeeping, even when you don’t know how. 

Virtual bookkeepers aren’t expensive 

When you compare the professional services versus the cost, you realize that virtual bookkeepers are a cost-saving option. They have the same education as an independent or full-time staff bookkeeper, but you pay them less. A virtual bookkeeper gives you a winning combination of experience, professionalism, and an economical price. 

What is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

Virtual bookkeepers are local professionals. They document your cash flow, organize your financial data, and sync your financial records. They prepare essential financial reports, and they provide the financial data you need at tax time. Virtual bookkeepers perform these, and many other tasks just like other bookkeepers do. The difference is, they do the work virtually. 

Once your virtual bookkeeper imports your records and sets up your accounts, they handle your bookkeeping locally via a secure cloud platform. They review, organize, and coordinate your daily financial data. While virtual bookkeepers don’t mind if you drive to their office to pick up a financial report or say hello, you don’t have to. A virtual bookkeeper gives you whatever you need, but they do it digitally. 

Why aren’t virtual bookkeepers expensive?

Virtual bookkeepers work remotely, and that eliminates a lot of costs. They’re not your employees, so you don’t have to pay income and FICA deductions, vacation days, sick days, and annual raises. You don’t have to provide office space and office equipment. They’re not a pretentious bookkeeping firm, so they don’t pay your bill with high overhead costs. 

Here are a few additional reasons why virtual bookkeepers are an economic bookkeeping alternative. 

· Virtual bookkeepers don’t have a secretary, a receptionist, a big office, or client-friendly office furniture. (And they don’t pass these costs on to you.)

· Virtual bookkeepers record and track all of your data from a secure cloud platform where it’s easily accessible. You benefit from the cost savings of going digital. 

· Speaking of digital, imagine the savings on paper alone. Virtual bookkeepers don’t generate a trail of trash for every task they perform. When they digitize your records, they help you go paperless too.

· You pay only for the time your virtual bookkeeper spends working on your accounts. Since a virtual bookkeeper isn’t your employee, you don’t pay them a salary whether they work or not. 

  • A virtual bookkeeper not only gives you professional bookkeeping results they also free up your valuable so you can run your business. 

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