5 benefits of working with a virtual bookkeeper

Oct 1, 2021 | Bookkeeping

It’s tough running a small business. It’s complicated when you take on tasks you should probably hand off to a professional. When saving money is the goal, many business owners handle production, marketing, sales, and many other tasks. Unfortunately, bookkeeping often falls victim to this hard-work-and-sacrifice mentality, but it doesn’t have to. 

When you work with a virtual bookkeeper, you let go of one of your most time-consuming tasks. You also gain access to these 5 benefits.

The 5 Benefits of working with a virtual bookkeeper

1. Eliminate paper (if you want to)

Not every business wants to give up its paper trail of invoices, bills, and other documents. So when you’re ready to go paperless, working with a virtual bookkeeper helps you through the process. 

Virtual bookkeeping gives you access to a digitized system for managing your financial documents. Once your bookkeeping system goes live, your virtual bookkeeper handles financial transactions paper-free. Your records and financial reports remain available and accessible in a secure digital format.

2. Enable simple post-catastrophe recovery

Virtual bookkeepers set up your bookkeeping system within a secure cloud platform. This platform allows them to securely track, organize, and store your critical financial data. An off-site bookkeeping system becomes a vital business asset when a catastrophe occurs. For example, if a fire, flood, or other disaster damages your business, your financial data stays safe. 

When a disaster occurs, you won’t spend time restoring or reconstructing paper financial documents. You don’t have to worry about retrieving essential data from a water-soaked computer hard drive. Even if a storm destroys everything in your office, your data remains available and accessible. You or your authorized representative view your information and reports from your chosen digital device. 

3. Working with a virtual bookkeeper, professionally

You choose to run a restaurant, a hair salon, or some other business because you’re good at it. If you’re not a bookkeeper, you probably never intended to spend a lot of time doing a bookkeeper’s job. So, that’s what virtual bookkeepers do.

Behind every virtual bookkeeping persona, you’ll find a professionally trained, qualified, experienced (human) bookkeeper working hard on your behalf.

4. Chose flexible bookkeeping options

When you’re working with a virtual bookkeeper, you let go of financial tasks you probably shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Your virtual bookkeeper manages your cash flow documentation, invoicing, payroll, and many other bookkeeping tasks. 

When you prefer more flexibility, you can request a system that’s more tailored to your specific needs. The choice is up to you. 

5. You have more time for business when working with a virtual bookkeeper

The whole point of delegation is to give yourself the time and energy you need to run your business. If you’ve automatically included bookkeeping tasks in your day, you’ll be surprised at the extra time a virtual bookkeeper adds to your schedule. You can redirect your bookkeeping energy into hands-on jobs that help your business grow. 

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