5 Reasons to Ditch Your Business Checkbook: Bill Pay in Glastonbury CT

Apr 15, 2021 | Bill Pay, Bookkeeping

Do you remember the grown-up thrill you got from writing your first check? You used your best penmanship, sealed your check in an envelope and handed it off to the mailman. Bank statements allowed you to see your money in action. Your canceled checks arrived with the payees’ signatures on the back along with a collection of banks stamps.

The check writing tradition hasn’t disappeared completely, but it’s fading away. It’s just like black and white TV and 8-track tapes, modern technology eventually nudges you forward. If you’re still writing business checks, Our Bill Pay in Glastonbury CT will help you pitch your checkbook and start a new tradition. Here are 5 reasons to help move you forward.

1. Checks are a really, really old idea

Your checks tell the recipient that you’re more old-school than you care to admit. Depending on your research, you might learn that checks were invented by the Romans in 352 B.C. Muslim traders in the 8th-century wrote papyrus or parchment orders of payments aka sakks (checks) so they wouldn’t have to carry around big bags of coins.

2. You save time

When you pay bills electronically you won’t have to calculate bank balances, hand-write checks, stuff envelopes, and rush to the post office to make the last pickup. Our Bill Pay in Glastonbury CT tracks your cash flow and reconciles the numbers so you won’t have to.

3. You save money

You won’t have to pay someone to do all of the above or buy envelopes, stamps, or checks, or extra gas for your daily post office run. Our Bill Pay in Glastonbury CT pays your bills on time so you also avoid late fees. As it reconciles your cash flow, it can prevent overdraft fees.

4. Checks get processed electronically anyway

Check 21 cleared the way for electronic check processing in 2004. Most checks are processed electronically and no longer physically presented for payment. If you want a canceled check, your bank will still send you a “substitute copy.” A paperless system gets rid of the paper trail completely.

5. Bill Pay in Glastonbury CT is easier

Instead of handwriting checks and mailing them out, Our Bill Pay in Glastonbury CT does all of your bill-paying in a single place and sends them electronically. It’s a great way to keep your bills organized and paid on time. Contact us today for more information.

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